CLASS DATE            CITY                         TITLE                                      LOCATION                               TIME
August 21           Bowling Green              Broker Mgmt. Class            Knicely Center                                     9:00-4:00
                                                                           - (6 Wednesdays)

August 30           Clarksville                      KY Law Prep Class               CAR Office                                          9:00-4:00

September 3      Clarksville                      Core Class                            CAR Office                                          9:00-4:00

September 9     
Bowling Green               Pre-License Class                 Knicely Center​                                   9:00-4:00

November 26     Owensboro                    Core Class                           WKU O Building                                  9:00-4:00

*Effective Risk Management class provides 6 hours of CE credit for both Tennessee and Kentucky

​ (Note: KY licensees with license recognition in TN now have to do 16 hours of TN CE within 2 years)

The Core Course always serves as the full CE for the year whenever it is taken.​​​

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