Ward Elliott Institute
of Real Estate



Courses Offered by The Ward Elliott Institute
of Real Estate

Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course
Ninety-Six hour course providing an overview of KRS 324 and 201 KAR. This course meets the requirements of KAR 11:230. As a convenience to those who cannot attend our day classes, we do offer this program online. We do, however, still maintain the far better way to accomplish this material is in the classroom.  Click here for more information.  

Kentucky Reciprocal Licensing Course
We are the KREC provider to offer the forty-clock (40) hour program required to qualify and prepare Tennessee licensees to receive a Kentucky license through the new reciprocity agreement.
We will offer the class on Monday (total of five (5) sessions) at the CAR Office in Clarksville. The total cost is $475.  
Click her for more information. 

Continuing Education Offerings
If you are not required to take the Core Course in 2016, we are offering CE courses that will fulfill the KREC requirements for 2016. Each of these courses are classified by the KREC as Law Credit.  Click here for more information.  

Core Course
In 2017, all active licensees born in July, August, or September who have not completed a Core Course in the previous four (4) years, must attend this course.   Click here for more information.  

The new KBA Core Course is required every Four (4) years, for active Auctioneers to renew their license. It is specifically REQUIRED before July 1, 2016 of ALL Auctioneers with birth months of October, November, or December (even those licensed before 1980) for their 2015-16 CE.  It can, however, be taken by any Auctioneer as their 2017 Continuing Education.  Click here for more information.